On the 27th February 380 AD a death knell was sounded for the Gnostic memory of Jesus when, prompted by their Bishops, the 3 Co-Rulers of the Roman Empire issued the ‘Edict of Thessalonica’ clearly stating:

“…we decree that they shall be branded with the ignominious name of heretics, and shall not presume to give to their conventicles the name of churches. They will suffer in the first place the chastisement of the divine condemnation and in the second the punishment of our authority which in accordance with the will of Heaven we shall decide to inflict.”

Only they could control what Jesus was, is, and would ever be! By the time of the 4th Ecumenical Council at Chalcedon (Turkey) 451 AD, the power of the Bishops was unchallengeable and complete, and the Christology of Jesus was restricted there even further by them. Those who defied them thereafter indeed were burnt at the stake for the next 1000 years or more.

A few banned books did survive however, most famously those buried in jars in the deserts of the Holy Lands by Gnostic scholars. Alas, when dug up thousands of years later, these scrolls were in a crumbling undecipherable state. Local rulers, greatly fearing challenging narratives, quickly locked them away, far beyond the gaze and touch of the common man.

…. Though it might be said that the ‘mythology’ behind the Jesus – Buddha Creed is the least important aspect of it, neverthelessinsofar as to what is said to have happened did happen, this is the glittering tale, brought here now to dazzling light: The truth that lay hidden for so long ….

…..What Jesus did prior to becoming the familiar character we know in his 30s has been a much-discussed mystery and has baffled historians for the last 2000 years.
Evidence only emerged recently of his travels in India, which in Jesus’s era was considered the epicentre of religious learning and the location of the great spiritual movements of the time.

Jesus, after travelling extensively in Asia in his ‘lost years,’ arrived at a Buddhist monastery deep in the lush mountains of Kashmir India, where the Buddha had once taught 500 years before, right on the Indian border with China. He was attracted there by its reputation for education, and Jesus with his carpentry skills was welcomed and useful, and quickly befriended the learned monks. This included their respected leader Father X’ro, who was impressed by the intelligence of Jesus, and revealed to him an ancient hidden document written by the Venerated and Sacred Siddhartha Gautama – The Buddha himself. The document, known as ‘Buddha’s Psych-Diary’, had been kept there from the public for the previous 500 years! It had been felt, up until that time, to be too elevated for the normal human mind to receive.

At Father X’ro’s behest Jesus worked tirelessly on reinterpreting this document for his times, but was interrupted alas, periodically, by savage brutal raids carried out by depraved bandit robbers on the monastery and its neighbouring villages. After learning martial arts the villagers, tutored by the monks along with Jesus, defeated the Barbaric Bandit King Kali-Ram and his roguish wayward men, thus returning the valley back to its natural equilibrium. Jesus was then able to devote his attention solely to completing his transformation of Buddha’s Psych-Diary and finalising his own original work : ‘The Journal of Jesus’.

Yet despite years of toil on the documents when Father X’ro finally read Jesus’s writing he decided on reflection that it was just still too early for the Universe to receive such wisdom! The decision was made that it would be better for Jesus in fact to go out into the world and speak in the language that the common man could understand: To live the life of a ‘Boddhisatva’ (one who suffers to help others before ascending to Nirvana). Buddha’s Psych-Diary and The Journal of Jesus, along with the wondrous ‘Sayings of Future-Past’, were buried again deep beneath the floor of the main meditation hall, to hide them from the common man.

500 years later the Bodhidharma, the originator of the Zen school of Buddhism, was travelling from his home in South India to China on his journey to spread the word of Zen. He stopped off at the same monastery and the writings were presented to him through a miraculous rediscovery! : A prescient earthquake broke open the monastery floor and the texts were suddenly exposed to him, surrounded as they were by rock and nesting cobras, with the writing still legible on those ancient platinum plates, that lay there undamaged in the base of that crater.

He took them with him, distilled them, and the work has been part of the secretive ‘Black-Cannon Library’ of Zen books ever since, known solely to a select few in Japan, who, being aware of their great power, know truly that only when the world is ready for their deep reflections, can they finally be revealed. That time is now.

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